Michael Lambard is an Arizona based artist who has made a name out of utilizing acrylic techniques on canvas meshing popular street art and streetwear styles. He is a locally renowned artist whose craftsmanship exemplifies perfection and precision. Masterful in acrylic but never afraid to dabble in other mediums while perfecting his vision. Michael Lambard the artist born in the late 70’s grew his foundation in the early 90’s as a Street Artist. Being able to participate during the height of the graffiti movement allowed him to work with many different local artists and allowed his craft to evolve. Time stood still for a moment when he had the duty of becoming a Father and he redirected his talents to the Art of Barbering. Being a Barber for 10+ years the itch of utilizing his skill for something different popped up. At last painting and drawing was something he picked up again and excelled in. Michael Lambard currently works and lives in Phoenix, Arizona.